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Wraithcat, or Kitty to her closest friends, is somewhat of a Fast rising star in the forums. Especially at the spam forums, where she has earned the reputation as Anzacsas evil clone(it remains to be proven however). She's also an active member of the Dow forum threads, where the majority of the members remain clueless to her real gender. Where she also happens to be a succesful mapper for the DOW series, with a penchance for "unorthodox" maps. Nowadays, she can be seen frequenting the Pub or GD threads of the forums, where she usualy displays the primary characteristics of her handle, which is inquisitive, cute and headstrong all rolled into one. Just like that certain famous cat. A staunch Defender of the color Pink, A thread necromancer, And a very good and loyal friend. Retrieved from "http://editthis.info/gfwiki/WraithCat"

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