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Wraith 5 joined Gaminforums on October 10th 2005 to recruit for his Battlefront 2 clan, Wraith Squad. Since then, he has ventured out into the other forums, becoming very active in the Graphics forum, the Spam forum, and some other undiscovered places. In his spare time, Wraith 5 trains with his clan, drinks coffee, and chases butterflies. When he remembers to go to work, Wraith 5 makes Films with Channel 7 Productions, while also attending college inbetween filming times.

Pirates life

Wraith 5 has also been an active member of the Pirate Party, since its creation by Cap'n Rommel, also contributing to the development of the Pirate Usergroup (still under construction) by designing ranking graphics. He is also an administrator of the Pirate Party's secret hideout, The Rogue Forums. More recently, Wraith5 has established a growing semi-political party known as the Guild Of The Floundering Duck.

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