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Isn't always quite as tough as he lets on. Sometimes worse. It's up to you to figure it out, or it's your kneecaps on the line, I'm warning you. You do not want to spend the rest of your life using your forelegs as crutches and begging for balut money on the corner of two completely identical dirt tracks in the centre of Manila. Don't come crying to me when it happens, though. Because it will.


What to say about Wasturr, Who knows, for not much is known about this inhabitant of the "wasteland"(other then he likes to argue with a certain member named comet_buster over the most pointless of topics)-else known as the spam forums :-d. One can see that he prefers threads with some action in them, often enlivening them. A proud member of the black color, the color of victory in his eyes. But is there more to him?

Yes there is. He is also an insider in the Dawn of War forums section, often being stuck in it's modding part. A mapper of grand cities, that most pc's have a trouble to play lag free.

An outcast, a person with strong likes and dislikes, often supportive of the weaker, forum hippy.

And also a good friend.

Wassy Speak

These are Wasturr's most famous quotes:


I have a jar of Dirt!!

Stoney! (usually directed to Madcat)




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