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"I really miss USMA2010. He was a good conservative." - Jill

USMA2010 was an aggressive member most notable for his high post count (c. 9,500), high reputation (754) and survivability. For several years he pushed the limits of others' tolerance, often pushing too far. Often, however he could produce a well reasoned and well supported Pub post or thread, which earned him the title of the #2 Master Debater of 2005.

Until recently he was known on the forums as Ma Deuce. Banned by AzH for one week as a result of whipping Videoslave's ass in the Spam Forum. Laster discovered to be USMA, and given a perma ban.

USMA is a Norwegian by birth, and American by citizenship. Though proud of his birthplace and ancestry, his career choice is that of a US Army officer. He is currently attending the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York.

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