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Tricorder started out as an Emergency Medical Hologram named “Sabrina.” All was well for a time, until a glitch in her programming led her to commit an unbefitting action inside Shuttlebay2. As punishment, Sabrina was stripped of her holographic body, and the removal of most of her programming, leaving her as nothing more than a typical tricorder.

Eventually, her glitches resurfaced, and she was given the further punishment of being stripped of her name, and the removal of her entire personality. To this day, she remains a simple tricorder.

Sadly, there seems to be no way of removing all those pesky glitches. Despite our best efforts, the successful removal of one glitch causes another glitch to surface. In infuriated disgust, even the chief engineers have given up all effort to repair her. As a result, she has been permanently quarantined inside FileFront, never to be allowed outside again. Oh well.

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