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How about everyone get a grip and stop making things difficult. If you don't like a member, just keep your hands in your pockets and not on your keyboard. If you are offended, modify the offensive page, and if it is a continued problem, edit either the main page or talk page of the Wiki Improvement Project. -Vantage

(Not a reply to Vantage's post)

I did some serious re-design, I feel it makes the page easier to follow. Hope you like it. -Sein

Do you think a staff page is necessary? I was going to say make it a seperate page (you think it even needs to be added to Members? I'm not sure), but I guess detailed information on staff positions and information on the individual could be found on individual pages... -Vantage

Adding the whole list to Member's page is wrong I think... the list is too long and would clutter up the page... maybe we can put a few lines in the Members page discussing what the different jobs of the moderator groups are, and then put up a link to the "Staff" page, which would contain the whole Staff list. -Sein

I'm beggining to wonder if we should even have a "Forum Regulars" section... sooner or later everyone is going to be adding themselves to the list, and then someone is sure to be offended. -Sein

I'm beginning to wonder if my skull is going to collapse inwards from lack of sleep. Uh... about that... I thought it sounded stupid from the start since there are an awful lot of "regulars" (anyone who is going to write their own name in the members chart is going to add it to the forum regulars list. Anyway. Eat. Drink. Sleep. -Vantage

Agreed. In my opinion if we're going to have a "regulars" page then every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to feel semi-important is going to add his name to the list. Perhaps a more appropriate title would be admired/respected/whatever, but I can see that that might offend people who get left out. We already have a members list after all, and I for one don't fancy adding all 140,000 of them anyway, so perhaps it would be a better idea just to stick to what we've got. - Rookie

I think we have enough agreement to modify it then. -Vantage

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