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Move the notable events in here as a subsection?


(Isn't the history pretty much made of notable events? :confused:)

Sort of. The history could include notable events, but it also deals with the origins of the forum. But yes, mostly things like major site changes, staff shake-ups, being consumed by Filefront, etc. -Vantage

Someone needs to edit this page.

Plz k tnx. -Aeroflotte

In my opinion, this section should be dedicated to only things regarding the forum's origins and basically the stuff that Vantage said. The notable events is more of a "fun" topic, rather than a factual one. -Phoenix

Who wants factual? This whole thing is about fun! -Jesus of Suburbia

We need to cover all of the major admins(n0e, dread, AzH, ect.) along with people like vikki and madmanfrommars. That would stop alot of the "who is x?" questions. Someone find when the major fourms(pub, GD, ect.) were added. Also cover the odd join dates for some people.

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