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"Be inspired by me"

Sovereign002 joined up with FileFront in the spring of '05. He is a known Trekkie and generally walks around with cool signatures. He periodically sweeps his house for hidden cameras (most of them hidden by Section and the illustrious ANZACSAS and denies he ever provided any information about his hair cut. This member is always up for a good time and a trip to the local pub.

Sov was given Modship on November 26th, 2007.

Sov's Name

Interestingly sovereign002’s real name is Sed (His surname is far too confusing to type so for this article it has been missed out.)

The name Sed is a name similar to Seth.

The pronunciation of this name is widely debated by linguists over the world. Some may pronounce it as “set” whilst others pronounce it as “said”.

It has now been confirmed by sovereign002 that he believes the pronunciation of his own name to in fact be “said”.

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