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Silberio is Amerikan, Brazilian, Chilean, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. How he managed to accumulate DNA from ALL THESE nations, we can only guess. All we do know for sure is that Silberio is a great conversationalist, fantastic musician, and dependable friend.

His collections of poems, as well as his songs, have earned him a well-deserved rank within the Creative Writing Forum. He also has become a regular member of the Flying Circus, already amassing an impressive amount of posts.


Silberio was born in the city of Juarez, right in the border of Mexico and Amerikan Mexican state, Texas; That's why he speaks so cool Southern US accent, like if he was an ol' Civil War Confederate.

He plays Harmonica, Bluegrass guitar, Mexican Guitar, bass, Mexican bass, fiddle and Mexican harmonica. Some claim he has even played Accordion (Mexican style) and classical piano... But those are only speculations.

As a child, Silberio would often dress up as his father, his great hero; An ol' bandido during the western, who worked both as bandido and Mexican butcher.

He attended to the Universidad De Mexicanos Grandes de Chihuahua!!! And graduated as a professional Mariachi. He and his friends would often ride on Cadillacos around town to see WTF was goin' new lately. Sadly, he was expelled from town during his 20's, where he developed a bad habit, as instead of drive-bys and playing Mexican music, he would do even more drive-by's and also eat at take-away MacoDonaldo's.

On a proud note of redemption, he later liberated Mexico from Jazz music and Burger King. After being a Liberator, he went down a few pounds, settled down somewhere in Sweden, where he has a black cowboy hat; His Sombrero is exposed at The Museum of Natural Forum History.

Personal Life

Today, Silberio lives as a Swedish Communist. On a side note, his hair is legendary, and epic!

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