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Sheepeep is an ex-administrator of Gaming Forums, joining several years ago and quickly rising through the ranks. He also is currently being pursued relationship-wise by Book



The name Sheepeep is partly a mystery, it was conceived shortly before registration on the forums, though never as a nickname. It was originally created for a project he was writing the beginnings of at the time, and Sheepeep maintains that it truly originated from a hiccup while saying the word "Sheep" - A derivative of his last name.

Sheepeep started off on Gaming Forums at the age of 14 on August 31st, 2003. Originally looking for information on the game Star Trek: Armada II, he became briefly notorious for his incoherency in posts and for the thread "I find that insulting! Admin!!!", which quickly drew negative criticism from the forum regulars at the time.

However, the people of the time were also forgiving, and Sheepeep quickly found a home within the community, contributing in classic threads of the time - Such as "A giant asteroid is heading for Earth and could hit in 2014!" and "Goodnye my friends". These threads helped regain the lost reputation from his earlier "n00bishness" and set him on a course to be a regular member of the forums.


As Sheepeep's reputation (and grammar) continued to improve, he was given the position of forum moderator after roughly three months of frequenting the forums and two months of stating an interest. Sheepeep took Nateanite's position of moderator in the General Discussion forum, and to date has been his only official moderation duty. This occured shortly before his 15th birthday (On November 7th), arguably making him one of the youngest forum moderators to have been hired at the time.

Sheepeep moderated the General Discussion forum actively with Snozzlefeet, the two becoming a well respected pair for their eagle - but fair - eye over the forum.

Super Moderator

In late January, Sheepeep was promoted to the rank of Super Moderator, giving him full moderation capabilities over all of the forums. It is at this point where he is best remembered, often sacrificing his personal life solely for the sake of the forums, under his own free will. One of his most infamous tricks was the ability to catch and fix a forum advertisement in the same minute it was created (Which at the time also involved an automatic ban for the advertiser).

Despite such a forum presence, Sheepeep rarely posted more than seven times in a given day - A sharp contrast to the 15 as a regular member. He maintains that as much as he enjoyed the position, he found that he consciously felt he had to keep a high level of etiquette that made him only post when he had something he deemed contributory to post. This effect increased as 2004 progressed and caused a small degree of elusivity over the nature of the character, an effect not helped by methods he employed at the time to strengthen the confusion.


During a staff meeting in mid 2004, it was decided that one of the changes was to promote Sheepeep to the rank of Administrator for his dedication to the forums, arguably his goal in the first place. As tradition, he was banned for a day. This unfortunately had an effect on him, as it was this day that taught him how to function independently of the forums. The end result was a decreased forum presence and lack of perceived motive to perform the tasks at hand. Sheepeep was replaced by gizmo a few months after his initial promotion, and regained the position of Super Moderator for a brief period of time, before finally retiring.


Sheepeep has been banned a number of times, though never for a wrongdoing. The first occured when y2ktm2 - A "rogue" moderator - Banned a number of random members in a protest to the administration of the site.

A second banning occured during a forum accident which caused all of the members to be banned simultaneously due to an error which occured on-site.

Sheepeep was banned on his promotion to administrator, a traditional one-day ceremony in which the profile of the administrator is horrifically vandalised as a sign of love and respect.

Sheepeep was finally banned twice on the same day by request, as he preferred this over accidentally continuing to reveal staff-only knowledge over features such as the karma mechanics, believing them to be publicly known. However, an unknown error occured which caused the system to promote Sheepeep back to administrator rather than ban him. Sheepeep jokingly commented that "The system loves me too much to just get rid of me like that, it wanted a final goodbye". Sheepeep was finally banned on request for a short period of time following.

Final Leave

Sheepeep left in late 2004 to dedicate more time to his online projects, by the time he left, Sheepeep and FileTrekker had formed the "FileSheep" community, which housed many previous and current GamingForums members. FileSheep later ended following an administrative dispute.

Sheepeep also spends much of his free time working on a series of PHP-based programs, which he hopes to someday form a new community around. Part of this mourns the loss of FileSheep, which he had high interest levels in.

Other Information / Trivia

  1. Sheepeep's real name is "Dominic".
  2. Sheepeep's real join date is August 31st, but during his administrative reign he set it to match his first post, 2nd September.
  3. Sheepeep's first post was titled "Auto Installers" in the Star Trek: Armada II section
  4. Sheepeep's birthday is November 17th, he is 17 at the time of writing.
  5. Sheepeep is currently studying a number of A-levels, which he will complete in July 2007
  6. One of the things Sheepeep prides himself in is his grammar and vocabulary, which he attributes to an argument with FileTrekker over his lack of capital letters in sentences. Sheepeep responded by totally restructuring his typing paradigm and hasn't looked back.
  7. One of Sheepeep's most well-known traits was a series of avatars using the same avatar in different colour schemes. Originally blue, a series of colour changes (and an animated GIF of them all by Kerian) were used. A new, red version of this exists, but has never been used on the forums.
  8. Sheepeep's current signature is an open offer to the staff to edit his signature, so far this has occured three times.
  9. Sheepeep wrote this entire article himself... he is so vain.
  10. Sheepeep is also one of the most remarkable people that many members of GamingForums have had the pleasure to meet. Truly it has been an amazing experience.
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