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Hailing from deep within the midst of the heavily-forested region of the Northwestern coastal regions of Amerika, Ryojin has been a regular member since the September 8th of 2006. Of this fact, he loves to frequently brag and gloat. His heavy sarcasm is unrivaled among FileFront, and he also possesses one of FileFront’s largest superiourity complexes.

Since his date of signing in, he has taken up residence inside the Spam Forums. He also has found a solace in the Flying Circus, where he regularly performs alongside Totes McTurner, Obankobi, Silberio, and Master Lindale.

Ryojin dearly loves his alcohols, and is known to drink an ENTIRE bottle of cheep Amerikan vodka in only ONE DAY! Afterwards, he loves to post photos of his empty vodka bottles all over the Forums, much to the distress of the other “Forumers.”

There have been numerous rumours that it was he who invented bacon, but these claims have yet to be substantiated. All we do know for sure is that he cannot live without it. We mean this in the most unjoking manner; bacon is what fuels his deepest internal mechanical workings.

On a disturbing side note, he also possesses a “Spider Closet.” Little did we realize just how much he greatly enjoys these 8-legged friends of his. He is well-known to frequently lock himself inside this “Spider Closet” for days on end. When he disappears for a week, this is his most likely whereabouts.

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