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A member who joined in April 2004 originally to ask a question about Star Trek Bridge Commander and for a while stayed inactive until mid 2005 when he started posting again. He can also be identified by his Avatar which has remained the same since joining, And his signatures are usally Star Trek orientated.

His post count is currently over 1,800 and he has a medium reputation on the forum.

He is most active in the Starbase 42 forum and the STBC forum. But Roper34 can also be seen other areas of GF/FF such as General discussion and Entertainment. And most recently in the History and Warfare Forum. And sometimes the pub.

He is well known by Saquist, Gavin1701, Will_H, TommyMK1, Sovereign001

also known by SuperStar Ash, Lord Trekie, IKS_YO_MAMA, Elevatormusic

And of course Rue McDohl, Whom he has had many a disagreement with.

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