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A jolly nice bloke with a penchant for all things technical.


Rookie joined GamingForums in May 2005 under the alias radiant_rookie, after uploading some custom maps for the Star Trek: Elite Force network site under the same username. He was made a moderator of The Melee in November 2005, taking on Tech Discussion in January 2006 and a number of other game-specific sub-fora later in the same year.

Since the removal of the Melee, Rookie was left with four fora to moderate - Tech Discussion, Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2, The Elder Scrolls series and the Star Trek Elite Force series. He continued in his role as a moderator until finally retiring from staff in September 2007 due to real-life commitments. He has since been granted Advanced Member status.


Rookie left GamingForums semi-permanently around 2007 due to his free time being consumed by University. Since completing his studies in 2011 he now works as a professional Software Engineer / prodigious reddit user. He has been known to pop back into the fora every now and then to see how things are going.

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