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At Present

Currently Revenge is an Administrator on Gaming Forums, but has in the past been a moderator of various forums and a forum administrator. He hails from Scotland, a country within the United Kingdom, and is currently in his final year of high school. He was previously known as Reven but is now called Revenge.

History as a Staff Member

Having joined the forums at the end of July in 2004, Revenge took particular interest in the Tech Discussion forum, being an avid fan of computers and technology. A side project working on the FileFront Network site Operation Flashpoint Files, he was given moderator powers within the OFPFiles game forum on the site in December 2004.

Around February he was given moderator powers in the Tech Discussion after simply asking for them, and over the next ten months he was given powers within the Total War Series forums, the Melee and Armed Assault.

As part of a two-tier promotion in December 2005, Revenge was one of the moderators who were given 'supermodship' by the administrator AzH. Part of the reason for this was because of his skill with the web technology PHP, where it was thought he could help out the technical administrator gizmo, and another was because of performance as a moderator over the past year.


Revenge currently holds Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) Highers (Scottish equivalant to A-Levels) in English, Mathematics, Computing, Technological Studies and Physics. Prior to attaining these, he achieved eight SQA Standard Grades in English, Mathematics, Computing, Technological Studies, Physics, French, History and Music along with various other qualifications including Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (a subject, surprisingly, he detests) and Business Management.

This year he is studying SQA Advanced Higher (1st year University standard) Computing and SQA Higher Accounting and Business Management, along with an entreperneureal course, the yearbook committee and building the school website.

For the past five years he has attended Dunblane High School in Central Scotland, and before that be studied for seven years at Dunblane Primary School.


A founding member of the Kiwi Party, Revenge is still an avid supporter of the movement. Other founders Chiefy, who has now left the forums, and Dreadnought DK, helped spam various threads with advertisements and built up a strong member base in a short period of time. Propaganda was a main feature of Reven's duties within the party, often locking horns with his counterpart in the hated Peach Party Der Sturmbannfuhrur.


Reven's name was not, as thought, a tribute to the Knights of the Old Republic protagonist Revan, but rather just the word 'never' spelt backwards.

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