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The source of much kerfuffle on the Forums, the Rep system will now be layed bare for everyone to see and understand. Hopefully.


The Basics

What is the rep system you ask? It is a form of feedback which allows users to give rep or karma to another user based on what one thinks of a user.

There are two types of rep (or Karma as it is sometimes called), positive, and negative.

Positive reputation is given when a user approves of an item that another member has posted. The amount of reputation given is equal to the users Rep Power

Negative reputation is given when a user disapproves of a post, be it for the users point of view, their posting manner, or just plain bitchiness. The amount of reputation removed is equal to half the givers rep power.

Points and Power

This is the most often source of confusion.

Rep points are how many points you have received. At the time of writing, the user DavetheFo had 634 points in total.

Rep power is how many points you can give or take away, and is based upon a number of factors, explained below. Again, at the time of writing, DavetheFo had a rep power of 11.

Rep Power

Your rep power is increased by the amount of time that you are a member, and the amount of posts that you have made.

  1. You must have at least 300 posts before you can give reputation to another member.
  2. You must have at least 10 reputation points before you can give reputation to other members.
  3. Your reputation power is increased by one for every 180 days you have been registered.
  4. Your reputation power is increased by one for every 1000 posts you have made.
  5. Your reputation power is increased by one for every 1000 reputation points you have received.

Therefore, by receiving more positive reputation, you are, in turn, able to give more reputation.


Yes, spreading.

Sometimes when attempting to give a user rep, you will recieve a message saying that you must spread some more reputation around. Unfortunately in the early days of the forum, many people got a knife and attempted to spread reputation across the server motherboard in much the same fashion as you spread butter upon toast.

Upon realizing that the server had been broken for the 27th time by rep related problems, n0e kindly informed the members that it meant that you had to give rep to more people before you were allowed to give rep to the same person again.

Example, DavetheFo gives AzH rep for a good post. Dave must then give rep (positive or negative) to 10 more people before he is allowed to give AzH any more rep.

Green and Red

Underneath a users information, there will be a green, red or grey bar.

Green is for positive reputation, and goes up for each 100 reputation for the first 500 rep points. After that, you get glowing green blobs every 200 rep points you receive.

The system also works the same for negative reputation, however, the bar is red rather than green.

A grey block indicates that a user has disabled their reputation, or a reputation of exactly zero.

Rep Whoring

Asking for reputation is not allowed under GF law, and is often known as Rep Whoring.

It is usually members asking for positive rep (often called green), however, certain demented individuals (notably Daniel 89 UK) may also ask for neg (red) rep. Either way, such requests are invariably met with members giving the user negative rep. It is also frowned upon to display what rep you have, and/or who gave it, whether it's good or bad.

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