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A Little About Polska

Polska joined GamingForums on September the 18/19 of 2004, and is GamingForum's very own person of 'Polish' origin, he likes to claim that his name means 'Polish', or 'Poland', in his native tongue, however; these claims have not yet been certified. Due to Polska's racial disability, many members of GamingForums have cause to be careful in mentioning his woeful country of origin, in his company.

Polska can often be found hanging around sleazy websites, or equally dirty threads in GamingForum's very own Spam forum, and has therefore derived the nickname of 'Pornska'. Nevertheless, he is still on occasion adressed as 'Polski', or 'Polask', by a few creative souls.

Polska is also a type of drug, and is usually smoked, although it has been known to have been sniffed occasionally. This is not normally advised due to the size of polska compared to the size of a human nostril. But, nonetheless, it has been done.


Although Polska is a rather mysterious internet persona, a few bare facts have been scraped together about what this fascinating creature does in its spare time. Known hobbies include; maving mass MSN or IRC conversations, (commonly referred to as 'orgies'), playing the Forgotten Hope Battlefield 1942 modification, watching 'The X-Files' and gazing fondly at the pictures in his 'Medicine Book'.

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