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This collection of political parties are perhaps the Spam Forum's most well know idiosyncrasy. Once every few months one party declares war on another, resulting in several days of endless spam, horror, and fruit chunks raining from the sky as in the apocalypse.

Herein lies a short description of each party, to be added or amended by the leader of the party in question:

The Spam Party

First in victory, first forgotten.

An ecclectic group of Spamers, the Spam Party worked its muscle to bring the forums back to the people. Created on the foundation of bettering the party and not on superficial motives such as "awesomeness" or "destruction", the party shed light on the corruption of the edible fruit political machine. While they are not as prominent or egotistical as the Kiwis or Peaches, they can claim a great deal of support from the disaffected former fruits of the forums. They have since evolved into the S.P.A.M. (Socially Progressive Awesome Movement) party, however they still hold the same ideals and principals of the old Spam Party.

Prominant members include: Akechi's Blade, AmericanSaint, bobm, Crazy Wolf, Der Sturmbannf�¼hrer, Dipship, Eagle One, evildude, Gamefreak, -Ghost-, gingerbreadman, gopaloo, Hitman47, jihuugegi, JP(NL), lmhr05, malice the eumidian, Mr. Matt, nameChanged, Napalm, nimo333, pInK_eLePhAnT, Quack!, R.Winters, Red Menace, SeinfeldRules, SteveCormacke, terminal-strike, TIKI, Torpov, Truce, Vantage, WW2dude

Sexy Donutz Party

This party is the leader in sexy and Donutz combined! Togeather with Dr.Fritz and Elmo and hopefully Memorex we will lead you all to victory. Defeat isnt tolerated here.

Political Quote/Speech thing

Avast Brothers it is time!

The Spam Forum Elections are upon us. And we are registered in the elections to fight the non-sexyness of the others. If you want to be with us in the upcoming Gotterdammerung of Spammen then I hope you, no I urge you to post with us, and show your alleigence. The allegience to the thread, the elections and to Donutz.

Togeather with Elmo, and myself and (hopefully Memorex) We will lead the most important person of all; you the poster to victory.

Who is with us?

Donutz: Just brought sexy back!

The Kiwi Party

Since the foundation of the GF Political Elections in 2004 by Reven, the Kiwi Party has won each election to date.

This party is indisputably the greatest political force in the Spam Forum, due to the fact that its member list includes Chiefy, Reven, Jesus of Suburbia, Rookie and the almighty Dreadnought[DK]. The combined awesomeness of this band of warriors makes all resistance hopeless - indeed the Kiwi Party's greatest rival, the Peach Party have been smitten down like the heathens that they are so many times that JoS has lost count. And believe me, it takes a big number to do that.

When the party leaders are not plotting political coups or disputing military tactics, they enjoy eating Kiwi fruit and drinking tea, courtesy of the Lower Slobovian Club, one of the Kiwi Party's primary allies.

The Peach Party

The peach party is the original fruit party. It was created in a thread in mid 2005 by Pehegreat to enshrine Lord Wiener's love of peaches. The 5 dark lords of the Peach are Lord Wiener, Master of Reality, Pethegreat, the1chaos, and Phoenix_22. Other important members are: Pb2Au, Chris (formely known as Chris down), Sovereign002, Captain Chordata and Bigdoggie. The party is dedicated to the destruction of the kiwis and their evil pirate allies. The peach party is allied with ninjas and with the small melon group.

Often emulated, never equaled.

The Libertarian Fashist Spam Party

Formed several months ago, the Fashist Party was once the GF Gestapo and Phashist Party, until it settled with it's current name. The leader of this party is Aeroflotte. The party believes in preserving the old spammy ways of long ago. Currently the Fashist Party is not allied with anyone, although previous alliances were made. This party is more of an underground organization which occaisionally surfaces when tensions run high.


Formed originally by Cap'n Rommel (formerly Irwin Rommel), the Pirate Party is allied with the Kiwi's and the now under-ground Forum Militia. For a brief moment, the Pirate Party became inactive, until resurrected by Ki-Adi-Mundi, Wraith5, and Cap'n Rommel. The Pirate party is based in its own Pirate Haven, The Rogue Forums (www.therogueforums.com) but is mainly active in the GF spam forum, attacking ninjas, carnies, and any other small folk with booty worth plundering. As a result of the Pirate Party, a Pirate usergroup was created by Ki-Adi-Mundi, with extensive help from Wraith5. Currently, the usergroup has been cast aside by the admins of gaming forums, for reasons unknown, but remains ready for submission.

In February, 2006, not long after the Pirate Party was formed, the vicious ninjas showed up. After a long a bloody spam fight in the GD section (over 600 posts)the battle was moved to the spam forum, busting multiple members' post counts The ninjas were defeated, and the pirates could rule the spam forum hand in hand with the Kiwi's and the Spam Party.


At present, the Pirates still populate the Spam threads, but are not at war anymore. Many Pirate members have also joined the ranks of The Ducks and The Yaks. The conflicts against the Ninjas have dissipated, as many Ninja supporters no longer show any allegiance. In short, the Pirates have won the current battle. The war, however, never ends as long as there are Ninjas, Pirates, and a Spam forum.


Current Pirate Leaders

Admiral of the Black- Cap'n Rommel

Admiral of the Red - Ki-Adi-Mundi

Admirals' Circle - Wraith5, DavetheFo, Jackthehammer, and Red Menace

Noteworthy Pirates of the Forums

Dipship, Dr.Fritz, Fetter_Zickleinmorder, Crazy Wolf, Ihaterednecks, and Fire Legion

Hurricane America

Created by Killer Kyle, it's original purpose was to be a party to end the domination of the fruit parties, which he found as somewhat of a fad. Going against the flow (as he sometimes does) and using words he saw in a dream (he is not kidding), he created the Hurricane America party. Struggling at first, it gained officers quick after the creation of the Killer Kyle-only thread with the promise that party members could post in that thread, a promise that was upheld.

Shortly after it's creation and membership rise, HA conducted one short "war" with the peaches, in which a fake task force destroyed Georgia (the Peach State) on the assumption that the Peach home base was there. This attack was aided by the Pirate Party (then and possibly still a part of the Kiwi Party). Shortly before the war's conclusion, a spam menace known as Orlfman started invading threads and creating threads of his own. Hurricane America was attacted and invaded but HA repelled Orlfman and later conquered all of his threads. Orlfman was later banned (haha!).

Since then, HA has not conducted any wars but has lended support to other parties for possible wars. Some cabinet members of HA have become absent and may be replaced in the near future. Still, president Killer Kyle keeps this party alive and active when he can and attempts to keep his members together, ensuring dominance.

Hurricane America's main goals are acceptance and recognition as a major political party. That recognition has partially come. Fruit pary annihilation may still be on their agenda, though it is not a major point and has been put on hold. For now, they are at peace with the fruit parties as well as all other parties.

The Communist Party

Started by Shintsu and a few others, the Communist Party is currently revolutionizing the Spam Forum. They believe in the downfall of the Capitalist pigs, and the equality of all peoples! The Communist Party is currently allied to the Kiwi Party, The Pirates and the Duck Guild, and will destroy all who don't support them!

GF Political Elections

Somewhat annual elections to choose the ruling party of the forum (although primarilly of Spam), even though the parties themselves have different feelings on their methods of ruling. A greater understanding of these elections can be found at the GF Political Elections article.

The first recorded statement regarding GF elections began with the a post from Zab on September 04, 2004.

"Greetings, the Gaming Forums political season has started!

Ok, so we're creating a psuedo-democracy here on GF. We will have elections sometime in the next couple weeks, or months. It is yet to be decided. There will a limit of 12 parties. We will not allow more than one party that has the same stance, for example two communist parties will not be allowed.

Political parties can be created, but there will be requirements...

Requirements For Political Parties: Have at least 8 members, have a detailed sumarry on your stances and an introduction, no offensive parties[Neo-Nazis, Jihadists, Racist Parties..etc], party leader has to have at least 800 posts, and a party symbol.

After you meet all the requirments, PM me with all your information, and I will release a statement saying you have been approved(in this thread), and what number you are. For example, if the Democratic Party is approved 1st, they will be #1 on the poll.

I don't care what you do in your political party. If you meet all the requirements, then I am satisfied.

The elections will be held on Sunday, October, 10th. You will have a chance to release your final statement on October 3rd. Your written statement should include your parties' final thoughts, views and play towards the voters.

Thanks to Octovon, DarthMaul, Snake for the help.

Good luck..and have fun.

[Updates will be coming..]" [1]

He later admitted: "It was 2004 and the U.S. Presidential race was in high gear, the forums were booming with political discussion, and I felt as though we needed some type of fun that didn't involve arguing over who was worse, Bush or Kerry. I thought it would be fun to have our own election. Little did I know I'd started a really serious and somewhat cut-throat political process."

National Apple Party

Formerly led by Dr.Fritz and the Grand Apple Council, the NAP decided to have an all out war with the Peach Party. To avoid many casualties, the Apple members decided to merge with the Peach Party. Although the Peach Lords do not accept it; Dr.Fritz is able to declare war with other parties as he is the former leader of one of the greatest fruit parties around.

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