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Pethegreat joined on the 19th of April 2004. He is currently the moderator of the Halo forums and the site administrator of halo files. He lives in the USA. Noted as one of the 4 dark lords of the peach in the peach party. Contrary to popular belief, he is a male.


Pethegreat began posting in the Battlefield Vietnam and Command and Counquer fourms. He quickly moved out and discovered the pub, which has given him an intrest in poltics. He has seen a good bit of GF history. He was at the re-opening of the now closed melee fourm where he spammed the threads with stupid commments. He eventually got yelled at by AzH for his actions, which lead to a long lasting disaggrement between the two. In late 2004 he was given a file poster position on Command and Counqer files. In the next moth he was given the vice-admin postion at halo files, and was given the head admin job in a month. After much butt-kissing in late 2005 he was made a moderator of the Halo forums. For a short time he moderated the pub and the general discussion fourms. He is one of the top posters with over 10,500 posts.

Hobbies and Intrests

He enjoys to mess around with electronics. Over the years has has amassed a large collection of working and non-working electronics. His favorite FPS game is halo. His favorite racing game is Burnout: Revenge. He owns a PC, PS2, and xbox 360. He enjoys and genre of music aside from rap and Hip-hop. He is a political conservative, and shows it regularly in the pub in debates against other members.

The life with no reswpans

Outside the Internet Pethegreat goes to school like most other humans. He is taking high level classes in math, history, science, and English. After 4 years of Spanish class he can't speak much beyond "No hablo ingles". He is single, but is hoping to get a girl at some point in the future. His birthday in the 23rd of september. After graduating, he plans to go to Penn State main campus for electrical engineering.

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