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The only chipmunk on GF.This little rodent (he doesn't like to be called that) can be found within the Spam Forum -Talking about nuts, and various other delightful things.Despite various other members wanting to kill him, he still remains wubbable.He joined GF as "pc gamer" in July of 2005.However , it must be noted that he was in no way a chipmunk when he joined.The reason of joining up was to get some tech help , but he soon discovered the ways of Spam.How to feed his need of spam and randomness? - in mid 2006 ,he knew turning all chipmunk was the solution.

Also a prime target for Wiener's disturbing links. Curiosity killed the chipmunk in several cases.

"This little sod of a rat has annoyed, bitched, and moaned about everything in life, from seagulls to cats......he hides and eats all the nuts. Also, has commitment issues and has a hard time saying his love for me :( "

PC Chipmunk has also been the prime target of kicks, If you look anywhere on the forums someone will kick him, go on, it's fun!

Other News

PC Chipmunk, commonly referred to as "Chippy," formulated the Great Yak Plan in the mid-fall of 2006. From this plan, a Grand Army of the Yak was created, under leadership of various members of Gaming Forums.

Chippy recently became a mod of our beloved spam forum.Will this be good or bad, nobody knows.

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