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Orlf!!!!!@ by 9832759832758932759873298

"One of the most demented threads ever created, it soon had anyone with even a recessive spammers' gene enthusiastically contributing to it while leaving others completely bewildered."


The thread was created on June 25th, by the mysterious and elusive 9832759832758932759873298 in the year 2005. The thread's first few post instantly gave readers a most wondrous impression of the newfound GF member. 9832759832758932759873298 quickly gained fame throughout GF, and every addition he made to the thread were welcomed by all members, as it shows that what one might find to be the most random of posts can be entertaining -- and entertaining it was, for quickly 9832759832758932759873298's wake followed an increasing number of increased "randomivity" in Spam Forum posts. Even the renowned yuiop has graced the threads with posts, and concurred to Pethegreat's statement, "this is going down as the best thread ever".

A Legendary Thread

The "Orlf!!!!!@-thread" was quickly noticed by all members, and has been revived from time to time for the members to reminisce of the good times. It has kept rising, and some say it's greatness rivals, or maybe even surpasses the "cooter-thread". The thread has already (even at the time when it was active) to be a legendary and eternal thread -- a part of the forum. This seems to have been the case, since, well, someone writes information about it, and most of the members are fans of the author because of his appearance in 0rfl!!!!!@. Even some of the newer members, who joined after the thread's active life, know of it and have joined the band of 9832759832758932759873298-fans.


The thread was met with mixed reactions, some wondering if the world had met a new low, others welcoming this fresh approach to spam. Some key initial responses:

  • "What. The. Hell?"
  • "Just someone born for the Spam Forum then, I guess."
  • "This is going down as the best thread ever."
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