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A rare picture of Nusent


  • Nusentinsaino or, 'Nusent' as many members call him has been a member since December 8th 2003.
  • Former name was "TonyMontana" and changed it to Nusentinsaino during the name change amnesty.
  • A former moderator of the Spam Forum
    • A former major spammer
      • He is the one who thought of changing the forum from "Spamming/Test Forum" to a much more simple name, "The Spam Forum"
  • He left the forums and modship during late 2004 to attend much more important tasks.
Nusent's Favorite Beer

Who is he?

  • Little is known about him today since that he does not post as much.
    • Is Hard of Hearing
    • Enjoys offending people and watching them take action (This was during the dark days of the Melee Forum)
    • Tends to be hypocritical on purpose for amusement
    • Currently attends Rochester Institute of Technology for Arts & Computer Designs in Rochester, New York
    • Has a girlfriend of two years and she helped to destroy the stereotype that all members of gaming forums have no life
    • Has a devoted love for Heineken
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