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General stuff

Joining in 2003 CE to talk about Star Trek Armada 2 Nemmerle has remained with the forums since then mostly posting in the pub on various political issues. When he's not reading books, playing computer games, doing schoolwork (yuck,) eating, drinking, sleeping, or writting something he can almost invariably be found on the forums.

Name history

In the beginning Nemmerle was known as Ged however too many people remembered his name and bothered him over the PM system so he changed it. It is a little know fact that Nemmerle has actually had three different names rather than just two. The history of his name changes go like this:

1. Ged

2. Nemmerle

3. Nem-Nem

4. Nemmerle

Nem-Nem was a joke name change, sadly however people didn't share his sense of humour and thought it was real.

Position history

Joined 26/05/2003

Raised to the Advanced Member group on the 21/07/2005

Raised to mod-hood from the Advanced Member group to help moderate the babe forum on the 02/08/2006

Personal comment

If you're bored enough to read all of this then you're probably Riles.

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