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n0e has been a member of the GamingForums we know today since it's inception. Prior to that, he was a member of the IOError forums, which merged with GamingForums in 2001. This makes n0e one of GamingForums' official most long-standing members, with an impressive join date of April 6th, 2000, notwithstanding AzH's attempt at putting n0e down a peg by altering his own join date to 1977 via the AdminCP.

n0e can be considered one of the seniormost members of The Fallen, along with other members of the senior staff. For more information on this elusive band, see The Fallen.

The Return of n0e

Soon after AzH left GF for the last time, the gap was filled by one of the best members ever to grace GF's servers. On November 21 2006 he returned the red. So far he has been loved by everyone. He is making attempts to get member feed back on the forums, and use the feedback to improve them. The king has returned!

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