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A minor celebraity in the FH Off Topic Forum. Was realitivly unknown untill the beggining of the Ban Moose movement of 2007, notable only for his inability to avoid mentioning phalluses (Phalli?) and managing to get his dumb ass banned for posting a picture that linked to a porn site in the "I pwn u" thread.

The change from overt Fruedien case study to FH Off Topic's Prison House Bitch began in late 2007, when young Moose noticed certain.. changes happening when he was stealing undressed manniquens from the Sears. One high jacked KY truck later, Forumeers noticed a signifigant drop in Moose's level of posting, and a support group was formed to spare him from the horrors of going blind while having hairy palms, and to save the few remaining kittens on Earth from the wrath of the God he had so angered. It was a dismal failure. Never shake his hand.

An underground movement began to devlope in the FH underground. A silent brotherhood with one aim and many hands. The Ban Moose scene had come into its own, and soon enjoyed the support of basically everyone. The movement continues its valiant struggle to this day, despite the emergance of a splinter group, Ban Member # 13(Someone fill this shit in), in April 2008.

When war came to FH Off Topic in the War of Spamish Succesion, Moose12 leapt into action by ignoring his defiled homeland and bleeding comrades so he could tell everyone about the boner he had for Barack Obama. Supreme Off Topic Commander Jum quickly ordered a court martial, and the first Hang Moose T-Shirts sold out before the jury could convene. He was found guilty of cowardace and ordered to change his avater to reflect his man crush on Obama. The move was hailed as a great step in getting Moose comfertable with who he was, and he has kept the avater.

Despite the FH communities best efforts to have him Banned, Hung, Shot, Exiled from America and Shot Directly Into The fucking Sun, Moose12 is still posting, mostly becuase he enjoys the abuse.

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