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General stuff

Monster_user first started within the Elite Force forums. Having only a few posts, and something about a McDonalds mod???

After his first favorite Star Trek message board, STAMODS, went under, Monster found himself looking for a new place to call home. It was then that he rediscovered the File Front Forums (Then "Gaming Forums"), and made an impression in the Tech Forum.

Not until late 2006 did Monster start to really venture out of the Tech Forum, and begin to post in the larger community. Considered to be among the most knowledgeable Tech Forum visitors, even voted "3rd Most Helpful Tech" one year. (2005?)

Which puts him among Tech Forum greats such as C38368, Reven, and Rookie, and others.

Name History



Name Origin

The name Monster_user came from the fact that I used a Diamond Monster 3D II 3DFX card for gaming, it was a generic Voodoo2. Sadly it has not made it into my new rig, and will be missed.

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