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The People of the Forum

Forum members are the core of every forum. These are the people who make new topics, destroy stupid topics, debate over topics, and are the reason for the forum's life (or misery). Due to GF being as big as it is, there are a lot of members, some of them end up getting banned, some are one-post wonders, and some stick around. Below you will find the "Partial Member List", which is basically a list over the "GF Regulars", and/or other members who wish to share some information about themselves and be added to the list.

Partial Member List

Here follows a partial list of all active GamingForums Members, in alphabetical order. (You or another member you know is not on this list? Edit this page to add the missing member, if it's you or another GF member!)

#: ~Kyrillix~, -Ghost-, (DB)Digz, (SeV), , *Soviet.Power, *SW3D3*

0 - 9: 9832759832758932759873298

A: Admiral Donuts aka Grossadmiral Donitz, Aeg, Aeroflotte, Afterburner, ANZACSAS, AzH, atomic danny

B: Beef Flaps, Biggus Dickus/Kikoo, Blitzkrieg, Book, Be4viz, Bigdoggie, Bobindashadows

C: C38368, Cap'n Rommel, Capt. Queeg, CHAKA, Chris Down, Cloak Raider, colonel_bob, CorT, Crazy Wolf, Crumbs, Comet_buster, Captain Pajama Shark

D: darkclone, DavetheFo, DB Digz, Deathbyteacup Dipship, Disturbing Sam,Donavan, Dragonelf68, Dreadnought(DK), Dr.Fritz, DarthJebus05, DarthParrot, Dylz

E: Elmo, Ensign Riles, Enterprise2002

F: FileTrekker, FlyGuy45, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Fetter Zickleinmorder, FireV, FactionRecon, Frieden

G: Gauntlet, General Rommel, gizmo, guyver

H: HeadShock, Hfx_Rebel, Huffardo, hulde gran, Hockeywarrior2

I: Ihaterednecks, Inyri Forge, IR15H

J: Jackthehammer, Jedihunter, Jetfreak, Jesus of Suburbia, Jill, Joelteon7, Joseph Miller, John, Jumjum

K: Kadaj, KC, Kerian, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Kikoo, KillerKyle, KingSpicer, Kouen, Knippschild, kow_ciller, KoЯsakoff

L: lilbond, lmhr05, Locomotor, Lord Wiener, Lulolwen, Lordjedi, LordInvictus

M: Ma Deuce, masked_marsoe, Master Lindale, Master of Reality, Mast3rofPuppets, mEkImIrMe, Mental Decay, mentalmagic, Mihail, Monster_user, Moose12, Mr.Gav, Mr. Matt, MrFancypants, Mr. BlOnd.Dk, Museum

N: n0e, NEDM, Nemmerle, Nordicvs, Nusentinsaino, Nostradamouse,

O: Orflman, Obankobi

P: Praet0rian, Pb2Au, pc chipmunk, Penguin Unit, Pethegreat, Phoenix_22, Ping_Pong, Polska, PropheticKarma,

Q: QuikSilverAcid3

R: Raptor 101, rebornintheglory, Red Menace, Relander, Reven, Rookie, Rob™, Ronnie, Roper34, RickyL, Ryojin

S: S3phiroth, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Schofield, ScOrPY, SeinfeldRules, Sheepeep, Sh0wdowN, Shuttlebay2, Silberio, smartone29 Snozzlefeet, Solid Snake, Spartan, Sovereign002, SupaStarAsh, Showgo178, Saquist, -Section-, Stylie

T: the1chaos, the Darkness, the_splurge, Torpov, Totes McTurner, Twin™© The Bleh-Bleh, Tedacious, The stig, tricorder

U: Urak'kul

V: Vantage, Vikki, Von Mudra

W: War Hawk, Wooly_Bully, Wraith 5, woodyman, , Wraithcat, Wasturr

X: X-C, Xenomorph

Y: Yoki, The, yuiop, Vertical345

Z: Zab, Zamamee

To see full list, see here.

Post Count Leaders

In addition to member names the users with the highest post counts will be placed here and modified by users with time and patience to do so.

These members have the highest post counts on the forums. (As of Dec. 30 2006 at 11:00pm EST/04:00 UTC)

To see the full list, go here.

Advanced Members

An Advanced Member is a member of the forums who has been given more allowances then the usual member. Since these members have contributed in a positive way to the Gaming Forums community, they are granted some privileges not enjoyed by the ordinary members.

The Fallen

 "I've lost a lot of good men to WoW. The few of us that remain...we refer to it as the plague."

The lost souls of Gaming Forums.

These are the once proud members who have since been consumed by evil and have retreated into eternal damnation. Now they only exist in the plane of existence know as World Of Warcraft. This addictive substance, often know as Warcrack has consumed many a great member of GF.

May their souls rest in peace.

List of the known Fallen

The presumed Fallen

The Redeemed

Notorious banned members

Members deemed not worthy, for whatever reason, to post on the forums any longer.

Members banned for reasons unknown to many members

The Gaming Forums Staff

The members who donate time, effort, patience and love into the forums they moderate, these are they.

The Staff

Please add your name and the forum(s) you're currently moderating, or the sites you are contributing to.

The Network Staff

The Mods

The SuperMods

Here are the forum's 10 supermods.

The Administration

There are 4 administrators who each have a different part of the forum to cover.

The Tech Team

A small group exists to help handle forum maintenance on a daily basis in addition to their regular duties.

Current Members
  • Reven - Forum Tech Manager
Previous Members
  • Donavan - Previously a Super Moderator
  • AzH - Previously an Administrator.
  • gizmo - Previously an Administrator
  • Sheepeep - Previously Forum Administrator
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