Master of Reality

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Also known as the GF sex god. He has roamed the forums since early June of 2004. He has seen it all and done it all, legal or not. He has a hard time keeping the ladies away from him, even though he has a gf. What a poor bastard. He is a moderator for some unknown reason (rumour has it that it is because of pure awesomeness). :hump: is is favourite smilie. He also knows some math, the principal equation being alcohol + girls = partay > school + work. While not out working on sexings, MoR can usually be found in the spam forum, since all the other forums basically suck.

Although his activity has decreased over the last year, he still finds time to kill on the forum. He is noted for being one of the 4 dark lords of the Peach, the most superior and mysterious cult of the forums.

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