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Master Lindale Mustaparta

Single-handedly improving Switzerland to hyper-cool, Master Lindale Mustaparta is a wonderful, ethereal presence gracing the forums with his words. Of course, if you catch him in the right mood, he will sometimes spew forth Russian all over the place, just to see what people say.

Living the life of a Consular, Lindale is a (mostly human) Jedi who was awarded the rank of "Master" for his teachings of The Force. Over the course of his life, he has been extensively trained in both Jedi and Sith ways. This has given Lindale rather a unique perspective of the Force, the knowledge that "light" and "dark" are really nothing more than 2 different aspects of the same thing. As a result, his sermons are mostly those of peaceful co-existence, harmony, and the respect of all life.


Lindale was originally born in Østfold. At an early age, he was taken to Helvetia to be trained as a Jedi. His trainer was a kind old woman who took him in as her grandson. Here, he spent his training in the roaring waterfalls, beech forests, pinewoods, flowery meadows, grassy hills, mountain lakes, and Alps sunsets. Later in his life, he would often speak of how this was where he was most at peace with himself, and with the world around him.

During his teen years, Lindale was taken to Novgorod Oblast, where he was trained as a Sith. It was here, where his extensive training in martial arts took place. He learned quickly, and just as rapidly, he gained a reputation for fearlessness and brutality, and quickly rose through the ranks. Despite his acceptance, and his high rank, he never truly felt he was where he belonged.

Later in Lindale's life, he would return to Helvetia, the one place he truly felt to be his "home." Here, he journeyed to the hilltops that were once his training grounds. Just outside of a peaceful village, he found the chalet of the old woman who had once been his trainer and mentor, the chalet where he himself lived, grew, and spend his childhood. Only hours later, he was told the sad story of how his departure had left such a void, as to cause the old woman to die of a broken heart. In her will was chronicle of her visions foretelling that Lindale would eventually return. In that hope, the chalet was to be left intact, and given into his possession upon his acceptance.

Now with a house of his own, Lindale spent the next few days cleaning the chalet from top to bottom, once again returning it to the home it once was, and the home that it deserved to be. He found himself easily settling back into his home, and he came to realize that this was his destiny all along. To this day, it is here where he continues to live. It is now in the calming and peaceful aura of Ashla, he raises his daughter in the very Alps where he grew up.

FileFront Career

Among FileFront, He started off as a lurker, where he remained in the shadows for nearly 2 years before finally being bribed to create a profile. At the time, he was rather bashful, and identified himself only as "Lindale." As time went on, he finally grew to accept his title of "Master," and has carried the rank ever since.

Nowadays, he runs the local Cantina, as the server during the midnight shift. He likes to frequently boast about his (very) wide assortment and collection of rare and obscure alcoholic beverages. His most prized is a cask of genuine Juma Juice from Alderaan. As a welcoming gift, he offers all new members a complimentary round of drinks. However, this comes with one condition, that they "leave the war outside."

On the beginning of April, 2011, Lindale was promoted to Supermod. This was done "to annoy the forums, and make things generally irritating." After only a week, he begrudgingly surrendered the title because of the pesky rule that states, "Thou shalt NOT feed the moderators." As a result of this rule, Lindale very nearly died of starvation. Sadly, this ordeal forced him to be placed into temporary stasis in the local sickbay. Of course, he was forced to obey the orders of the EMH, not knowing at the time, that he could simply alter the EMH's program, or entirely delete it with only a few well-placed commands.

In November of 2011, Lindale finally mastered the art of cooking. As a result, he no longer had to worry about starving due to his modship. With this, he was finally promoted to the rank of "Moderator" on the Forum's own TinyChat channel.

In January of 2012, Lindale was given a second chance at modhood, where he was awarded an orange safety jacket, and given charge as one of the official Gatekeepers, presiding over the Introduction Forums. I am sure that your help was one of the reasons I matched. Your help and relief kept me going. If my schoolmate did not recommend me to buy Research essay, I would not have graded university with A+.

Force Powers

During his years as a Sith, Lindale became proficient with sorcery, as well as alchemy. He even created a large and grotesque beast that served as his pet for years. When Lindale finally decided to leave the Sith forever, only one last obstacle stood in his way: the beast, who was determined to keep him among the Sith. After a long and brutal duel, Lindale was finally forced to kill his beast. The beast's skeletal corpse still remains at the spot even to this day, a solemn reminder to all to not give in to your lusts and temptations, for they will consume you, and attempt to control you. After Lindale's return to the life of a Jedi, he entirely abandoned the use of sorcery and alchemy.

As a Jedi, Lindale is proficient in foresight and prophesy, being able to see years into the future. The sight of deaths, and the events happening have at times led Lindale to wish he never had these abilities. In time though, he came to accept these visions, and deal with each event one by one, and has used them to save many lives.

In a more positive note, his visions also showed Lindale his own daughter, years before her birth.

In addition, Lindale is proficient is a technique he calls "Vitæ Concordia." By placing himself into harmony with someone's life energy, he can peacefully sooth the subject into restful slumber. He first realized these abilities when he noticed the unruly mules, goats, and the wildlife around him, could be calmed with his very presence. Since then, he found that it works the same on animal and human alike. Today, he uses it to alleviate those who are sick or injured, at least so that they survive until a doctor can properly treat their ailments.


In his personal life, Lindale possesses an impressive collection of lightsabres. His 4 favourites are:

1. He has been known to wield a regal and ornately figured sabre with a magnificent golden hilt, and a royally golden blade to match. The majestic blade is produced by a Velmorite crystal within the sabre's matrix chamber, a crystal that is polished until it shines with an inner golden light. As such, he only uses this sabre for purely ceremonial purposes. This came into his possession when he located a box hidden within the wall of his Jedi trainer's chalet, as well as a hand-written note (addressed to him directly) from her, stating that with his redemption now complete, he was now ready, and she now officially passes the sabre to him.

2. The primary sabre he carries for combat and protection features an ornate curved hilt that has been hand-wrapped in leather, and a Stygium crystal, which produces a brilliant viridian blade. This, he constructed upon his return to Helvetia.

3. He is also in possession of a Sith sabre that seems to have been grown from a single coral organism. Whether created by meditation, or by alchemy, we may never know; what is unarguable is that the sabre almost seems to indeed be alive. Due to the purely organic nature of this sabre, there is no activation button, but rather, it is activated using The Force. Upon activation, a bronze blade emerges.

4. In addition to his common employment of curved-hilt sabres, Lindale is also proficient in the use of sabre pikes. Taking inspiration from his Golden Sabre, Lindale constructed his personal pike to feature a gloss black finish, elaborate dragon carvings emblazoned in gold, and a golden blade to match. This particular blade is achieved with the use of a Rubat crystal.

Personal Life

Lindale is known for being a nerd, a Trekkie, a "walking Star Wars encyclopedia," and an overall friendly neighborhood niceguy.

Lindale is also known for being an elite Grammar Nazi, and will frequently "find your lack or grammar...disturbing." In addition, he also helped to create a storytelling forum, appropriately known as the Creative Writing Forum. Sadly, his own writings have since disappeared deep into the depths of the archive. He may, however, share them with you if you ask him politely.

Most active around midnight to early morning, he can often be found somewhere in the Flying Circus, or bantering on TinyChat.

Master Lindale likes tea, Earl Grey, hot. He also likes grading English papers, Oxford's Dictionary, Germanic spellings, classical literature, classical musik, opera, dogs, aviation, mountains, chocolate, cheeses, French wines, and lightsabres.

Side Note

Lindale is THE ONLY Swiss citizen whose English has a distinct Norwegian accent.

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