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lilbond registered on June 6, 2005 to ask a question in the battlefield section. After making about 30 or so posts, he purchased Battlefield 2 and did not make a single post for several months. Not surprisingly, he completely forgot about his account. Sometime in December, he revisited the forum and was quite surprised to find out that he had an account already created. Anyways, in less than 10 months (oct 05-aug 06), lilbond has accumulated 23 validated potds on bf2files. In october he started working at bf2files, and in early december he got a position at

Contrary to popular belief, lilbond does in fact have a life outside of the gaming forum. He takes flying lessons in a cessna 150, and has 37 hours of flying time so far. None of it is solo though, since the minimum age for flying solo is 16.

lilbond is also my bro on the forums. I <3 him. - Dr.Fritz

I'll finish the rest of it eventually.

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