Killer Kyle's Thread. Don't post. Only I can post in it

From Gfwiki

This thread was created out of frustration by Killer Kyle, who could not come up with a successful idea for an endless spam thread. His solution: create a thread and endlessly spam it, and let no-one else in. Of course, members did not respect Killer Kyle's wishes and started posting in his thread. After repeated failed attempts to force people to leave, he finally decided to allow members of his Hurricane America party into the thread. Currently, only HA members can post in his thread.

Recently, his thread has sparked a fad of ownership threads. These threads have yet to have the success of the original though. Still, Killer Kyle likes the idea that his thread has become a fad basis and hope it continues to become one and be one.

Though the original thread has wained in activity, Killer Kyle keeps the thread active and free of non-HA members when he is around.

Note: During the early stages of this thread, a clone of Killer Kyle was created with the exact same name but not the same permissions, post count, etc. This was an attempt of someone to circumvent the original "Killer Kyle-only" rule before the HA rule was put into place. It is still a mystery how two people can exist on the forums with the same exact name.

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