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Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Article writer is bored at the moment.

Anyway, this is a member synonymous with underappreciated intelligence and Flippy Warbear from the Happy Tree Friends. A frequent IRC user and op of the filefront IRC channel, this user trained Flippy Warbear to kill people that mess with him.

He is a true Christian, and not afraid to admit it. He even has a quote in his sig that has been there since day 1 of his forum appearance. It reads "Jesus died so we may live. Believe so that you can too." He hopes that many people take that to heart.

He now has a Bachelor's degree in Physics and Astronomy from Clemson University. He graduated Cum Laude on May 10, 2006. Currently, he is unemployed and out of school, but is seeking to go to Graduate School or the Air Force Reserve to train as a Hurricane Hunter.

He currently lives at home at the age of 23, but wishes he could live somewhere else (if you have an apartment for rent, please tell me!!!! (I mean him!!!)).

He also has a passion for meteorology, with an extreme passion for severe weather. He currently runs a hurricane tracking thread on the forums, looks up info on severe weather and dispenses it if forum members bring it up, and is a lightning/cloud photographer by hobby. He is also an advanced trained Skywarn weather spotter.

He also willing dispenses scientific or mathematical information. Sometimes, it's to help or inform people, and other times it's just to show off :p .

On the forums, he is known as the guy with the Flippy avatar and one with a parodic sense of humor (or should be known). He is also known to be very helpful, and enjoys being known as that.


His first appearance in the forums on September 15th, 2004 was unnoticed because he spent his entire time in the Unreal Tournament forums, which he would later moderate, but that's getting ahead of the story. After a while (weeks or months), he was referred to the Religious Discussion forums (which later was condensed to a thread) and was then exposed to the remainder of the forums. A very shy person, he slowly gained popularity as his confidence grew.

He posted in the Religious Discussion forums often until it became a thread, in which he eventually stopped posting there. He spent the rest of his time in the Pub and General Discussion and then in the Spam forum, where he spends most of his time there now.

Employment History

Killer Kyle (also known as KK) became a Filefront Network (referred to then as the Files Network and is still by some to this day) employee on the Unreal Tournament website. He quickly rose through the ranks, from File/News poster to File/News poster/POTD manager to File/News poster/POTD manager/Poll manager to Vice Site Admin and eventually full Site Admin. He was also the site Admin of Bet on Soldier, but sadly that game never took off, and the site did not last long. He also has a short stay as Vice Site Admin of Warcraft 3, but left that post after a short while. He recently retired from UT200xfiles, but has hopes of coming back.

During his employment time, before becoming the Site Admin of UT200xfiles, he answered a call for help from the forum admins and finally achieved an aspiration sought after since he joined the forums, moderator! He became the moderator of the Unreal Tournament Series forums, and would later become the moderator of the Entertainment, Bet on Soldier, and Devestation forums.

Once fearing the admins, he now jokes with them (especially Azh), and sometimes pushes the rules in the name of fun (but never intending on breaking them).

Avatar History

His first avatars were tornadoes, but seeing that others had animated avatars and sigs, and just recently discovering the world of Happy Tree Friends, he created an animated avatar involving the characters Flippy and Cuddles in the episode "This is your knife" where Flippy defaces Cuddles with a rock. That avatar gained popularity quicky and was the longest-lasting avatar of his history. It is still in use today.

Graphical Avatar History:

1. Tornado 1

2. Tornado 2

3. Tornado 3

4. Flippy Avatar (Most Popular!)

5. Attempt at an animated soundgarden avatar (found too depressing for his reputation and was replaced for a bit by a different Flippy avatar for a while)

6. Flippy Avatar again.

7. Skywarn Avatar (referred to by a member as an "Arsehole" or something like that in "The person above you game"

8. Flippy Avatar yet again.

9. 5-star Avatar (at a time when animated avatars weren't allowed; was really an image used by staff when they had ranked images for the staff usergroup. KK still wishes they would do that.)

10. Flippy Avatar

11. Clemson-Themed Avatar (this caused an uproar among some members, and thus a poll was made on which avatar to choose, in which the Flippy avatar won of course).

12. Flippy Avatar (back by popular demand!; still in use).

Name history

He's only been known by one name. He's never changed it and never plans on changing it.

Signature History

3 signatures really stand out in his signature history. There may have been various other short-term ones (may have been).

1. Text sig - "Jesus died so we may live. Believe so that you can too." This quote has not left his sig yet. This text sig later included the phrase "God is beyond logic.," a quote he frequently used in the Religious Discussion Forum/Thread. That phrase has not survived in his sig but he still holds it to be true.

2. Graphical Sig - Jesus in the storm clouds during the May 3rd, 1999 tornado outbreak - This was his first graphical signature (made by the GIMP). The background was a semi-famous picture of Jesus in the clouds of a thunderstorm that occured during the May 3rd, 1999 outbreak (which included the Moore, OK F5 tornado). It contained 2 phrases in it: "Jesus died so we may live, believe so that you can too." and "God is beyond logic." His name was in the lower right corner of the image, written in Curlz MT font, which he referrs to as the Happy Tree Friends font since it is used by the creators of Happy Tree Friends. This signature was present for a long time.

3. Hurricane Season 2006 Names Signature - In use now, this signature includes a picture of Hurricane Fran on the left and a list of names of the 2006 Hurricane Season on the right. It's color-coded to show a history of the season up to current time. It includes the phrase "It's Hurricane Season!" on the left in the image and his name in the lower left hand corner, again in Curlz MT font. This sig was one animated, showing alternating images on the left (another Fran image and then an image of Hurricane Ivan) and displaying info about past 2006 tropical systems, but that was stopped after he found it too tedious to do. It, or a version of it, may be brought back at the end of hurricane season. Hurricane Season lasts from June 1st through November 30th.

Well, that's about it for now. More to come!

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