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Known for his engagement and works in the Graphics Department. He claims to be FF's #1 Jimmy Page fan ;)

Also used his elite ninja photoshop skillz to resize and reorder the GamingForums logo especially for this Wiki.

Kadaj was lured to gamingforums by the prospect of the Jedi Academy forums, they held little for him, and he seemingly never returned to the forums for around 6 months of absence.

At some point near the end of this time, he was looking for something to do, came across gamingforums once more and began the journey to end all journeys. The Music Forum was his hideout for many a month, only leaving to visit the Graphics Forum, he has become a prominent member (he likes to think) in both of these forums, contributing much to discussions and requests. His recent trip in the dreaded Spam Forum has been quite sucessful, starting with the invasion of The Pink Thread and progressing onwards to almost double his overall post count within two weeks.

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