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Joseph formly known as "Deathhascome",hailing form Toronto, ON Canada, Joseph Miller is Filefront's Rated R member. Joseph formly known as "Deathhascome", is a infamus user, known widly for flaming people and posting pornography, dispite this, he has never been banned. Joseph has moved form Canada to Arkansas and then to Hollywood. Joseph calls himself an A-lister, because he thinks that he is better then everyone else, and will even say that to a Moderator or other Staff. Joseph Miller's bother is "Cody Miller" who lives currently in Canada. Joseph also is a good Star Wars Empire at War coder and he also spends alot of time in the spam forums. He thinks he is better then everyone else, and he also belives him self to be "Too good to be a staff member" and a "Canadian god"

Despite how good he is, he is widly disliked by alot of members.


Rated R,


DHC(before name change),

Death(before name change

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