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John, also known as Johnpp, is a member on the FileFront Gaming Forums. John joined the wonderful forum August 18th, 2006. Since then he has become respected by some and not well liked by others. John mostly resides in the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy forum, but recently he has moved on to bigger places such as the Spam Forum and The Pub. John is also a modder for Halo, though the Halo section on Gaming Forums is rather dry.

John's friends are many, but his 'enemies' are even larger. Currently his best friend on Gaming Forums is The-Bleh-Bleh. His worst 'enemy' would be Wasturr, without a doubt. This user likes to constantly flame John in his own way, though John only wants to be friends.

Some noteable changes in John since he first joined is his grammar and spelling. Now, at the moment, he would be in the top twenty spellers. John currently does not gold dear to a colo(u)r team, such as the Red Thread, yet he posts in those color threads from time to time. John has a fairly good reputation, his reputation power being 4 after two years. That's about normal, but he has gotten many -rep. points from Staff and Admins. John is fairly strong minded, and will stick to his opinion if he believes it is true. John's most noteable trait is his past. People have often been confused by his age, though he is 16 years old. When John first joined the forum, he was what many here may call a 'troll'.

John likes to help others, and has done so many times. John has been very helpful in the Jedi Knight Modding section, but has since retired modding officially for this game. Be believes the idtech3 engine is too weak.

John's forum etiquette is of a normal range: He barely ever flames, and when he does he has a valid reason.

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