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- Aviation buff

- Graphics Designer

- Proud to be a Filipino

Quick Bio

Hailing from the Philippines, Jetfreak signed up on April 20, 2007 initally to communicate with members of the A2 Community and ask for advice in modding. He wasn't very active for a while since school took up most of his time. He posted here and there, but mostly in a2 related threads. Much later, he ventured to FF's main forums and is now a frequent visitor.

He's learned a lot in modding Star Trek Armada 2 and is releasing mods such as retextures and revamped ships. He is also known by creating cool signatures and his large contribution in the PoTD submissions in a2 files. He's won the Picture of the Month award in A2files for several times now.

He is currently working in Project ACOM, a community mod team for Star Trek Armada II. He also frequently posts his work in FF's Graphics Department.

He is a Star Trek fan and is particularly fond of fighter aircraft. He also likes sports cars, world history, drawing, anime and gaming.

Jetfreak's Aircraft Inventory:

Jetfreak is currently in charge of maintaning his private fleet of fighter planes. He operates various types for different missions. They are stored in his personal airbase in Sand Island, Osea

- F-22C Raptor II

- Su-37 Terminator

- XR-45 Cariburn

- R-103 Delphinus III


- X-49 Night Raven

Jetfreak is also procuring additional planes from various GF members.

(more info to be added, stay tuned)

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