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Jedihunter is a Minnesotan from the realm of Goodhue county, he is known to be on the run from the FBI, Yakuza and other criminal organizations- armed and dangerous.

Little is known about his history- but we believe it was something like this;

Accepted History

Jedihunter was born in Minnesota, naturally being a Minnesotan he had 2 choices, Death or joining the Grand Minnesotan Army, Jedihunter (deciding not to want to be known as an Emo) decided to join the GMA.

He joined and served for 42 years, being a veteran of the Battle of Rochester in which he killed Rick James.

Little is known about Jedihunter from the time he left the service and joined the forum, but it is believed he toured with Jimi Hendrix and got Jim Morrison so drunk he died in his bathtub.

Forum Career

Jedihunter joined the forum while he was on the run from bounty hunters, both of which he eventually killed- He joined the forum, posted a crappy thread or two and was amused at the foolishness of some members in the spam forum.

It is known that during these years Jedihunter also acted as Pai Mei in Kill Bill VOL.2, Neo in the Matrix:Reloaded and Cat in your refrigerator, eatin ur foodz.

Current Status

Jedihunters current status is unknown, unless you're some kind of perv or something, (in-which-case stop PM'ing me for nudes, I'm not a woman, stop it-), but he is likely in ur servr, whoopin ur azzes, or possibly in ur grlfrend, u now wutin, anything is open for Jedihunter.


(2003) The Matrix: Reloaded: Neo (uncredited)

(2004) Kill Bill VOL.2: Pai Mei (uncredited)

(2005) One night with your mother: Milkman

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