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Ihaterednecks hates Rednecks, as his name implies. He was voted Most Awesome Forum member 4 Times in a Row. He was programmed into the Mainframe when he Temporarily Possessed Pro-Filer's body. He transmitted his neurological essence into the mainframe, and ever since December 17th, 2005, his forum presence had finally materialized. And he has come to slaughter us all. Run, run for your life, and never stop running until the forums stop speaking to you with the voices of a thousand dead children. And Dio. Dio's pretty cool. Ihaterednecks is also GF's Self Proclaimed Expert on Satan.

He is the spawn of the Spawn of Al'Gusahrb, the Great Grandson of Lucifer. He is possessing his body from beyond space and time, and he is over 34,000 Years Old, and his real name Gul-Taarhorg. His hold on this body from Beyond the Cosmos, a pocket Dimension, for the Energies in your Universe are not Potent Enough to bring him into your Dimension. This body will recruit cultists, and their Combined might will bring me into your Dimension! He shall rule the Peons known as humanity! Al-Garrube Gul-Tarrhorg!

Ihaterednecks also discovered that Je-Hova's Witnesses is actually a Cult which Worhsips the Idol of the Robot Je-Ron Hoover? Yes, the Idol, not the actual Robot. They are the descendents of the Descendent of Je-Hova, it turns out, Je-Hova had Sex with a Rock, and Je-Ron Hoover is his son. So he's a Statue-Rock thing.

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