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Huffardo registered on 30th November 2003, and except for a dark 180-day break in 2004 with only little time to visit has lurked around quite a lot. His postcount is rather low compared to time actually wasted on GF. First time was mostly spent in the FH Forums, but at some time he started to post more in other areas, so now most of his posts are in the Spam Forum. The rest are mostly spread around General Chit-Chat.

Statistics (9th November 2007): Total Posts: 2217 (0,06% ) Most active in: The Spam Forum (624) Posts Per Day: 1.54

IRL he is studying Computer Engineering at Åbo Akademi (a university in Turku, Finland), whilst not wasting time on his only computer (this one is already all too effective as a heater).

Earlier he was perhaps a bit too aggressive in his posts, but now tries to stay civil. Got banned from the Melee once.

This user is also sad enough to write his own wiki-entry, and uses too many emoticons. :P

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