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General Chit-Chat [1], is for many members, the meat and two veg of GamingForums. The large majority of the vets and regular members hang out here.

General Discussion[2] Talk about general topics in here. You can also visit the sports and car discussion forums.

Sub Forums:

  • Il Bar Dello Sport[3] - The place for all you sports nuts. Drop by, pull up a stool, and discuss your favourite sports and teams.
  • The Garage[4] - Do you have petrol in your blood or do you just like to fix the engine yourself? Get behind the wheel and talk about cars here.

General Gaming[5] Here you can talk about all the games that don't have their own forums.

Sub Forums:

  • The Console Forum / Console Wars[6] - Anything console related not covered by the sub-forums goes in the general console forum.
  • Microsoft Xbox & Xbox 360[7]

  • Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo Wii[8]

  • Sony Playstation 1, 2 & 3[9]

  • Leisure Games [10]- The place for all our forum games. Feed your addiction!
  • Recruit for your clan[11] - Need members for a multie gaming clan? Post your clan here!

Tech Discussion [12] Geek Chat

Entertainment[13] Talk about films, music, books, etc. here.

The Pub[14] Intelligent discussion and debate on real-life issues. You can also visit the Historical Discussion forum

The Babe Forum[15] This forum is for all your babe related needs. No porn or nudity. (aka bewbs)

The Graphics Department[16] Got a cool new effect for your artwork? Share it here to help others develop their artistic talent.

The Spam Forum[17] Enter at your own risk, the people in here are crazy!

The Shameless Advertiser[18] Advertisers, advertise your links here, and only here! Anywhere else and they will be deleted!

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