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The Election Process

Stage 1: This is the stage for all the parties of the spam forum to register. Registration of your party is essential if you wish to participate in the elections.

The registration period will last a week commencing from Sunday 7th of January 2007 to Sunday 14th January 2007.

The rules regarding what constitutes a party will be availiable in the registration thread.

Stage 2: This stage begins on Monday 15th January 2007. Now that all the parties are registered, the real fun begins - the parties can undertake full swing canvassing of the masses.

At this stage, voting will also become open, you must encourage the members of your party to vote if you are to succeed. However, you must remember, if you decide to cheat you will be found out, and certain penalties may be levied against your party!

From the winners of this vote, a further stage will begin. To progress to this stage, your party must have reached a pre-set threshold, decided by myself and the1chaos. More details of this threshold will be availiable on Monday 15th.

At this stage of the voting, no alliances/ coalitions are allowed.

This stage will close on Friday 19th January 2007.

Step 3: This is the final step of the elections. If your party makes it this far, then congratulations, however, do not think to rest on your laurels - the hardest part is yet to come.

In this stage, all the toughest parties are left to duke it out in the final election. However, you may be able to form a strategic advantage - this stage will allow party alliances - the details of which are still to be formalised - to help you in your quest for glory! (DavetheFo)


This is the important of the elections. To get people to choose if they will vote for your party or not.

Political Strategy

How you manuevure your party to take the win.


Often during the course of the election process, smaller groups will surface with individualized beliefs. Commonly these are single-interest groups, but at times they may have a more developed agenda. Regardless, many small groups will often organize and compromise with a larger group to help ensure cooperative success.

Final Rallying

Political enthusiasm, threats, etc.



Election Results

ALL PARTIES DISQUALIFIED DUE TO CHEATING. There is no say when a return to the elections will happen.

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