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History with FileFront

Frieden first discovered FileFront when he went off in search of mods for the game, Far Cry. Later on, he created a profile on June 7, 2006.

History with The Forums

In March of 2008, Frieden heard about the FF Clan. After being a member of FileFront for a few years, he liked the idea of joining this clan. However, one requirement is to also be a member of the Forums, and thus, Frieden created an account on March 15, 2008.

Frieden's first post

Frieden currently is familiar with GF

Blue Thread

Frieden is a Blue Agent with the Blue Thread. However, he no longer does much spying nor does he use any stealth and finesse. He felt that it would be pointless to have spies on a forum (just about anyone can click and read a thread), and he also felt pushed by Raptor_101 (the Blue Menace) to post regularly on the Blue Thread (this would compromise his position as a spy).

Frieden has occasionally expressed a seemingly growing interest in breaking away from the BGBPW Alliance.

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