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The Forum Militia is a secret organization dedicated to the protection of the citizens of the Spam Forum. Currently led by Jesus of Suburbia and Red Rebel, the Militia has a variety of methods to deal with any problems. The Militia's weaponry has been known to include AFK-47 automatic rifles, Headcrab missile silos, and an ├╝ber-h4xx3d gun carriage. More information cannot be disclosed until written permission is obtained from either of the leaders.

-Ghost- formerly led the Militia with Jesus of Suburbia (then known as Zamamee) under his command. Unfortunately, he turned coat and formed a secret alliance with the Peach Party. He was personally slain by Rookie_42 after a small-scale battle within Militia headquarters.

The Forum Militia is currently affiliated with the Kiwi Party and Spam Party, and is an ally of Lower Slobovia. Its members do not tolerate any fraternization with members of the Peach Party, or Upper Slobovians. Also, although it is not an official stance of the Militia, the members tend to think Pirates are cooler than Ninjas.

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