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Fetter Zickleinmorder, now currently known on GF as Fetter, joined the forums sometime in 2006, but was banned for reasons not disclosed to the general public. An incident involving noodles and shady business practices are suspected. He joined The Rogue Forums, located at http://www.therogueforums.com and currently holds a staffer's position there.

Contacting him is relatively simple:

MSN: lesserevil0013@hotmail.com


Real Name: fetter-in-a-hat
Location: In a trash-bin in the US
Religious Beliefs: Atheist.

It's Majikz!

Fetter has joined the few, the members coming back from a PermaBan. Due to a bank error in his favor, and several get out of jail cards, he has once again rejoined the GF community as a full fledged member. -Ki-Adi-Mundi: 02-14-2008

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