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A somewhat new member who is believed to have joined sometime around february 2006. DarthParrot (also refered to as "Parrot") is a very prominent member of the spam forum, and was heavily involved in the Great mamatee wars. Parrot was also one of the members to invade the staff lounge during the staff's '07 april fools joke (also known as Bloody april). He also helped in the war effort against the staff party by posting completely random wikipedia articles in it. This new method of spamming was inspired when the member Seinfeldrules attempted to post the entire book of War and Peace in the staff party.

DarthParrot is also a prominent map maker for the game Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, and currently has a rather large Work in Progress called "Battle over Tatooine." Which has been under contstruction since August 2006.

The Avatar

DarthParrot's avatar consists of a very poorly drawn parrot holding an equally poorly drawn lightsaber. While at first no one really liked it, it eventually grew in fame mainly because DarthParrot never ever changed it. Even when he went to other forums he always used the same avatar.


The avatar was also greeted with an equaly strange signature. This signature however was only seen on the gaming forums.


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