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Crumbs joined September 11th, 2002.

Crumbs is the man, we are lucky to have him.

Crumbs is like a delicate snowflake; exquisite, beautiful and totally unique. He's a real natural work of art, and it's one of the great joys of life to see him floating by on the breeze like so many crystallized lattices of ice. Crumbs thrives in the cold; it's his natural climate, and where he is most at home. There are always many people around Crumbs, but they're all like clumps of hail or shards of ice when compared to his frigid magnificence. So when you see him go by on the street, stand back and watch, for his icy loveliness is something that you will likely never see again - few are ever fortunate enough to engage in conversation with this mysterious dandy of the frost. And so if a glance one a crowded street is the closest you ever get to experiencing this wonder of the north, thank everything you hold dear for your one taste of true extacy found in the chillingly iridescent crystal that is the Polar Prince Crumbs.

What I mean to say is; Crumbs melts if you lick him.

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