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Formerly known as Irwin Rommel on GF, Rommel has been proved (on several occations) mentaly unstable. And carefullness should be taken while handling this individual.

In August 7th, 2004. Rommel surfed by (not that he surfs in real life, he got people for such things) the glorious forum known as GamingForums. He was more or less active in 2004, but in 2005 things started to happen, and in February the Pirate Party was formed as a support party to the Spamovement. Which lead to the Pirate usergroup (which is yet to be submitted) which again lead to the birth of, which was advertised as the Pirates of GF's new home. Later relocated at Where he currently serves as a moderator and King of all Pirates.

When the new rogue was created, someone forgot to tell Rommel, and he first joined a couple of days after its creation.

Only few pictures has been taken of Rommel. But some can be located in the "Post Your Picture Thread".

The Cap'n is a prime example of Danish' greatness. He travels the internet dressed in an aura of coolness and is respected by many, be it fresh noobs as great old timers. <3 ~ Sov002

Real Life

Not much is known of Rommel, except his Scout in his spare time, and is educating to be a chef.

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