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A Color long presumed dead, it was brought to life with the power of the Blue Leader: Raptor_101 and his black allies. The original creators seem to have forgotten the thread entirely Or have moved on to other threads. Namely Crazy Wolf. A member of the BGBPW, an alliance set to combat the power of red.


Ranks, Military, Members.

Blue Menace (Leader.)- Raptor_101

Blue Two - Zapex

Blue Admiral (Keeps everyone in order and gives regular update to the Blue Menace. Also owns the Blue Fleet.)- GateCrusher420

Blue Generals - Marshall_Brant

Blue Wing (Part of the Blue Air Force.)- Jetfreak,Raptor_101 and KrnDudeMAN::~

Blue Wing 6 (Undercover Group Of Agents and Commandos, Led By Blue Two)- Angel-Demon, Gini Pig

Blue Commando (Advanced member that is able to cause havoc and recruit as many people as possible.)- N/A

Blue Agent (1-3 members acting as informants and looking into other threads activities. Also post regularly in the Blue thread.)- Frieden and Encrypted_Jzy0

Blue Navy (Posts in enemy threads to cause havoc. 1-3 people.)- Bucca Fire.

Blue Members: Marshall_Brant, Jetfreak, Encrypted_Jzy0, GateCrusher420, Frieden, Bucca Fire, Raptor_101, Zapex, Angel-Demon, and Gini Pig.

The Lost one(s)(People who have betrayed the Blue thread for the Red thread or any of it's allies or who have been banned.): Legolas*,Dragonelf68,bigdoggie, Serio, smartone29, Hellghast, and Kitteh Katz R kewl unlike most of u all


Aug 4. 2008

Raptor_101 founds the Blue Thread

August 9th 2008

The organization aquired several members to bolster the Blue Wing. Deliveries of Super Gripens, F/A-37 Talons, RafaleX's and F-22's were sorted out by Jetfreak and his staff.

All the new planes are now combat ready. They are fully equipped with AIM-9's, AIM-20's and JDAM's

August 10-September 15

Several of our members have been banned and or left the blue thread.

September 28 2008

Zapex Formed Blue Wing 6 to initiate surgical strikes on our enemies.

November 11th 2008

Zapex Renames Blue Wing 6 to Flight Royale

December 28th 2008

Raptor_101 has allocated some of the Blue Navy and Blue Air Force units to the Epic thread in the midst of the Spam Forum elections.

April 2009

Blue Thread activity is at a minimum. There is a possibility that Raptor_101 will step down and close shop.

Non-aggression Pact signed with the Red thread until further notice. Military units are being sent to their owners (most of the airforce to Jetfreak).

That's all for now. We strive to destroy Red and any of it's allies.



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