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Known Members

Machiavelli's Apprentice - The Black Emperor be praised!! We humble servant's await his most glorious return.

wasturr - Acting Warlord Of the Black thread due to Popular vote (While some say he won the post with bribery and intimidation tactics)

Marshall_Brant - Grand Black Chaplain And herald Of Doom

bigdoggie - Tactical General and overall Herald Of war

wraithcat - Dark Pink Assassin and a staunch Ally of Black

Gillderais - Keeper of The black arts Lore and Secrets. And works as ambassador to the other color threads as Black threads Liason

nanobot_swarm - A staunch greenie if there ever was one!! Is currently renting out space within the Black thread.

Jedihunter - Current Sith Lord from the nation of Minnesotica

Ihaterednecks - Ihaterednecks hates Rednecks, as his name implies.

Elektrakosh - 22 - - We all remember (Supersonic Timebuster!)

B@SE - One of the Fallen members We shall honor you forever.

rebornintheglory - Honorary member by right of hanging around and being annoying... I can't believe you didn't put me here earlier.

Comet_Buster - Once ex-communicated but has somewhat ventured back into the fold. Now leads the Eastern Front on Parlancia.

Fetter Zickleinmorder - Black thread enthusiast and a former commie

crisissuit3 - This guy could be a great asset to the spam forums.

Demon_Hunter - is one of the orignal High Enclave members of the Black Thread.

Master Lindale - Mysterious Jedi Master from the Creative Writing Forum.


The agenda of the black is a simple one. Defeat red, pink & gold and grant freedom to all and let us not forget it's aim of spreading Ubutu Mawengwe on the whole of the spam forums.

Black is currently the core member of the BPB

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