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bigdoggie is currently Tactical General and overall Herald Of war of the Black Thread, and third in command of the Blue Thread.

It is of his greatest interest, that the Black Thread and Peach rise victorious over Red, and by n0e he will stop at nothing to reach that goal.


Operational Status

There have been several cases of bigdoggie MIA, although he has since then returned.


December 28th, 2004: Registration to the boards.

????????????, 2005: Registration to the Red Thread.

????????????, 2005: Registration to the Peach Party.

????????????, 2006: Resign from the Red Thread, Joins Black Thread.

????????????, 2007: MIA.

????????????, 2007: Return to the boards for a few months.

????????????, 2007: MIA.

..........July 27th, 2008: Return to the boards.

As of his latest return in 2008, he has been loyal to the Black Thread, and has shown no intentions of leaving.


Subject additions are to be pondered by high authority officials


bigdoggie was known as a loyal member of the Red Thread, untill the rise of the Black Thread. He has been a part, and still is, a part of the Peach Party.

All affiliations with Red Menace, or any other member of the Red Thread, has been denied by bigdoggie. He also states that he has no intentions of betraying the Black Thread in order to join the Red Thread.

Personal Information

   Real Name: Alex Gleebee Dogmann
   Location : N/A
   Contact  :
   Fav. Food: Toast


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