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Lord Wiener's own personal "Ask A Question" thread. Created and lives within the Spam Forum, though left alone and not spammed out of respect for the member who created it. Through it Wiener is able to give his insight and wisdom into difficult, real life questions, such as "What happened to the dinosaurs?", "Do you enjoy making birds explode?", "Why?" and many others! However, I shall leave a more in-depth description to the thread creator himself.

A word from the author

Which is where I come in. I created this thread on September 2nd, 2004. At the time I thought it was a unique idea, but AzH pointed out to me that this kind of thread had already been created once before by a former admin, Crash. This thread was named "Ask Crash", but it was rather dead. Nevertheless, what makes my thread unpredictable is that I'll sometimes give a straight answer to a question, or let my imagination run wild. When that happens, most peculiar thoughts flood my mind. Sometimes I'll let my train of thought just run free in my spare time and let it follow a subject. Usually I'll come up with some abstract result.

One rule: No one answers my questions but me. I will make exceptions on rare occasions when I feel that the answer was elaborated upon and contains a sufficiently important valid point. However, I do try to keep this to a minimum.

Before I became a supermod, I was aided by my colleagues of the Spam Forum staff, mostly Red Menace and DavetheFo. They would clean up unwanted answers and spam for me. Since I became a supermod in mid 2006 I can clean it myself, but the Spam Forum staff still occasionally lends a hand in removing spam while I'm asleep.

If I miss a question, it does not mean I am ignoring you. My method of answering a large amount of questions is quoting each question into a new FireFox tab and cutting and pasting backwards to the first one. Questons posted whilst I am in the process of doing the said procedure I do not immediately see. Sometimes I'll spot them and edit them in, sometimes I do overlook them.


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